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    I have been trying to remember where I know your guild from. I think its because you kicked me out because I didn't agree with your guild charter. At which point you got a bit frustrated with my kick me from the guild in WAR and banned me from Ventrillo.

    If this is right I will leave you guild alone right now.
    Ahoi! Sent you some emails you can ignore. Jesus 2hours just to queue to create my char!!!
    meh ill wait for the final them, but ill slap the rest of the video together later and upload it
    its nothing fancy my idea...bit of music, a kinda panaramic shot of Santum...ringlogo animtion we had appears with the name then the logo pops in behind that
    Ill need to get ahold of the PNG image file of the logo though, Since we do want it after all :p p.s spiritmaster freind will choose if hes sorc or spiritmaster tonight when the servers are online, then we will apply
    I have had a brain child for the guild opening video! you may see it later tonight once it is done..if it all goes to plan it truely will be amazing! or very very cheesy...or both? we can live with that though!?

    p.s feel free to ask me on vent about it
    Heya, i noticed that you deleted the threat where you should put your name if you made your char. But anyway i got my name Twister and im off for the weekend so change my forum name to it. Thanks :)
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