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  • I will definitely now be playing a tanking warrior, luv them , Will be called ramex at launch
    Hi Redh Just thought I should keep you posted I would like to change to rogue for main seems the class is more fun with the differant combinations than warrior having played both. Hope you don't mind the foolish whims of an old man ;)
    Hey Redh, just to let you know i'm going to stick with my mage for release and get him to 50 first, so stick me down as mage on roster. cheers
    HI Redh Just to let you know as much fun as I have had with the rogue I will be rolling a warrior in the live game, so happily put me in that class please. you still seem to have me as screwit on the rooster.
    hey gunna be playing a marksman rogue. he is called ramesey atm but at launch it will be ramex
    K, at college now, but i thought id install ventrilo to get ya off my case..hahaha jk..

    but i cant seem to find a client for windows 7...can i just use the one for vista then ?
    Okies, Im going to buy gametime today and start playing again, I haven't been playing almost anything lately so I am ready to start to level up. I might ding 40 this weekend especially when it is double exp weekend :) Im not sure if my brother is coming home from army this weekend, if hes not coming I will make it to 35 I think. And that inspires me even more that there's not too many assassins in the guild atm. See you today in Aion!:)
    Hello Redh!

    Is there a spot for Assassin? I'm sorry I last time left without saying anything, lost my intress when all my friends quit playing... :( Now im soon lvl30 and I can get to instances and the lvling will be more interesting so that won't be an problem. Please reply fast, If I wont get in to guild, I guess im not even buying gametime at all. Im fine with any possible answer. Thanks!
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