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  • hello old friend hope your keeping well ,i thought i come on and have a mosey around,hope everything is going well and it be good to catch up.
    Sorry i weren´t online yesterday (sunday 18/11) my phone is dead along with my authincator :/
    Hi Boss, Am looking to join GW2 and was wondering if you could please change my login name back to "Kahar" please? You changed it to Jigondo for SWTOR as the name was taken :(
    Hey, its shadze. ive applied to the guild on so if u could if u have time today and accept my app so im in for the deployment thx mate :)
    Hiya m8...just wanted to let u know that my internet is stil messed up. So i am not sure when i can be back online...but its not that i'm leaving or whatever...just some problems...see you soon. greets Furex
    Yo Redh, any chance there will be a new title for Cyrus? (GW2?)

    As it looks now I'm afraid that I can't catch up with the current Cyrus team in Rift, so it would be pointless for me to try, when you all have endgame tier items and I'm still level 33 ;)
    Hey Redh,

    Im letting you know this way i'm having problems logging in,
    my pc is failing on me. Trying to resolve and improve it's performance. Real life is busy and the combination of this makes it almost impossible to log in

    I wish i could afford a better pc, but im a student and my income just isn't enough to cover such a investment. I won't be able to recover my spare money which is needed in the future for establishing my home, car, hookers, alcohol and drugs :p

    Greetings Denathy / Keaden
    This Sunday - No football due to bank holidays.

    Taking my Wee daughter swimmng, around 1pm, be back at 3pm and can play after 3.30.

    Truely appreciate the effort for me.

    Your singing servant
    Redh i have to say that i will not be back on rift for a little while there are 2 reasons 1 is my health has taken a down turn with my heart and im off in 2 months for an op the second if money really we are cutting down on every thing the is not needed i still wish to be apart of Cyrus but understand because of the length of time i may be away if i am kicked just though i would let you know the full reasons before posting in the forums mate
    hi Redh,

    I can make 20 slot bags, require 8 x whichweave cloth, 2 planner essence.

    anyone who is able to provide ingrediants I can can craft FREE.
    Hey Redh, just thought I would let you know that I have once again successfuly infiltrated your ranks and am in the process of intercepting your supply wagons to keep all the gold for myself!

    So if you recieve empty donations then you should blame Gemm for everything because when you wake up this message will appear as just a dream.. or maybe it won't, who knows?

    All in all, hope your well and look forward to playing with you and Miley again.
    Playing marksman rogue now, called ramex lol, this will be definate, just cant make my mind up about what to play!
    Hey Redh, I'm going to be a cleric, just letting you know, had already posted it in the latest rolecall topic. Ciao!
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