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    Scarab Lord: do we have anyone that wants it?

    Eh ok I will even help laser is he is chosen. I just hope Shimyy or Timo dont apply for this because I would just leave guild
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    Druid Druid Nature Resist Gear for AQ

    I'm farming those ironweb silks becausw they are already expensive on AH for items. Will do some mara runs for some extra gear. I will be ready for it!
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    Scarab Lord: do we have anyone that wants it?

    I'm in! I love this shit, let's get that mount!
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    Warrior Dawarrior - Protection Warrior

    Dwarfs look sick with them!
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    Warrior Warrior (Tank) Raid Loot Tracking

    I'm just interested how does he know?? I was in the raid and I didn't know who got those sholders!
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    Onyxia alt/pug runs

    Can we do this on Friday? It will reset and we can get loads of people. Will need some help sorting group out and guild members will split gold.
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    WTB Stacks of Kingsblood!

    I don't know if you are in rush with those. But I'm leveling herbalisam with my mage and I'm just on Kingsblood part so I will send it to you when I get some :)
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    Blackwing Lair - Wednesday 1st April

    DM Buffs will again be available before the raid today so make sure you are on your way to Dire maul!
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    Scarab Lord: do we have anyone that wants it?

    I was actually looking at it and wanted to go for it because I think that mount is really legendary. But then I saw all the mats, whole guide how to do it, and our ally retarded server where we can't really come together against horde and I decided I won't do it :D But ye if someone goes for it...
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    Raid Molten Core and Onyxia - Sunday 5th April

    Can I offer my tanking services for this raid? :P
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    Double DM tribute on Wednesday

    Could come and help out :)
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    Omg he is alive?!?!
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    Onyxia alt/pug runs

    You can't find a Onyxia pug now without Bag, head, vis'kag or deathbringer aren't for bid :D We would split gold between ourselfs ofc, I saw head and bag going for like 160g, so it can be like 30-40g per person when we do a run :)
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    Onyxia alt/pug runs

    Hey! Just asking here, do we have enough people to make Onyxia alt/pug run? Maybe sell Head or bag or vis'kag to get some gold :) I could come with tank, healer or dps for it. If we can get like 10 people from guild, and 10 pug dps, could easily do it and make some gold in process.
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    Molten Core and Onyxia - Sunday 29th March

    I can give my spot to any casual that wants to come :)