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  • hey m8,
    can you please send me a note of your system build.
    motherboard , make n modle,
    cpu cooler,
    ram make and modle,
    graphics card make and modle,
    PSU - wattage and make.
    and a list of all your peripheral attached devices.

    please view your event log and check for errors
    [right click on my computer;
    then select manage;
    then choose event viewer.
    Browse through the various options and see if their are reocurring errors, look at the time intervals and determine if they are equal, if they are it is a software issue. If errors are not equal we will need to take a logical approach to ascertain the root cause.
    lol, well if your BW you will most likely see me, I aim for you guys. Im usualy infront of the choppa line xD
    Ah cool, im a nice green Blackguard. If you met me 1v1 you would win im crap at 1v1 and so are BGs xD
    who are you calling lazy you cheeky beggar when were you last on game !!!
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