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    Paladin Lowjoe - Holy
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    Paladin Paladin Raid Loot Tracking

    Lawbringer 5/8, still need: Chest, Boots, Belt Judgement 3/8, still need: Shoulders, Chest, Bracers, Hands, Boots I have all mats for NR gear and a few stacks of NR protection potions ready. Farming for the enchants and look forward to some Mara runs :)
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    Paladin Lowjoe - Holy >
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    Double DM tribute on Wednesday

    Hi guys, Would anyone be interested in running a double DM N on Wednesday at 16-17 ST? I need the head from Cho'Rush so the first run would be a regular North and the second a tribute for buffs before BWL. LJ
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    Paladin Paladin Raid Loot Tracking

    I haven't got the key tho
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    Paladin Paladin Raid Loot Tracking

    Back is enchanted with +5 resistance and have the Libram of Focus in my bag for the leg/head enchants but DM groups are impossibleeeeeee 😭
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    Paladin Class Meeting - Thursday 26th March

    Thursday night is kool & the gang
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    Guide NR gear for AQ40

    Some easy NR to be gained from Maraudon aswell Cloth Leather Mail...
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    Paladin Lowjoe - Holy

    Some fire loot
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    Paladin Lowjoe - Holy

    Some overdue enchants
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    DM North runs

    I need items from both Gordok but also the caster dude, so I am happy to run both tbh :)
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    DM North runs

    Damn there goes my carrot 😅 well happy to do some jump runs as well
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    DM North runs

    Anyone up for some DM north runs tonight? I still need some gear from it. Also an oppo for some much needed arcane crystals if a miner would like to join :)
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    Accepted Naga - Paladin

    Welcome mate and good luck
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    Accepted Halara - Paladin

    Welcome mate