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    Raid Blackwing Lair - W/C Thursday 13th February

    Na i get. Im not at Home right now. I will poke you when im online!
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    Accepted Linnaris - Priest

    Wait another gril? :D Welcome to Cyrus :)
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    Raid Loot Distribution List

    MC Loot 29/01/2020 Lowjoe Lowjoe Laserfun Redh
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    Picture thread.

    Me on Halloween. I hate Pictures of myself.
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    Onyxia - Sunday 26th January

    Imagine you want Quel Serar when you have Sulfuras... :D
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    Molten Core and Onyxia - Wednesday 29th January

    I will sit out for this one.
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    I might need a Hand (get it?!)

    Since i got the Eye yesterday.. i want to farm Arcane Crystals and some Money in DM East. Feel free to join me :P. I dont expect the help that we gave Kataya but some Dungeon Buddies would be nice! :) Cheers Laser
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    Raid Loot Distribution List

    Paladin Loot Molten Core/Ony 22/01/2020: - Laserfun WOW! - Lowjoe Welcome to the guild :)
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    UBRS Group

    I need the Attunement still. Wanna do it tomorrow. Hoping someone can help me :)
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    Accepted Lowjoe - Paladin

    Hey man! Thanks for your application :) Where did you find us? Was Paladin always your main class? How do you like WoW Classic so far? Why didnt you put in Sunday as Raid Day? We are currently at the state where we are doin One Raid Night because MC and ONY is so easy. Since BWL is comin out...
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    Raid Loot Distribution List

    Paladin Loot 15/01/2020 Redh - Next time just take it instantly :p
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    Declined Unbrokenwins - Warrior

    Hey there from me too. Sadly i think your Application is to short. I hope we can figure out stuff. Also please let your Friends know that we would apreciate an Application from them too. Greetings Laser
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    Accepted Ghato - Druid

    Hello Ghato welcome to Cyrus :)
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    BG Premade Group 2 - W/C Monday 16th December

    @Dav ya we will Go too :)