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  • To do:

    - Running /movement test after wearing 1 to 5 pieces of heavy armor (Movement seemed to be greatly effected after 3 or 4 piece, would need some math)
    - Better analysis on stamina drain when wearing 1 to 5 pieces of heavy armor
    QUESTIONS (general)

    - Only focus heavy armor?
    - How big area will shields cover to benefit allies?
    - How will low stamina affect on melee fighting? Dont waste stam to kite when in heavy, just back pedal + snare?

    - Splitting secondary stats: How many points to put in mass? Is "Shield bash" affected by it?
    QUESTIONS (abilities)

    - What type of damage will "Death stroke" do? If piercing then +2 piercing passive would help both ranged and melee.
    - What possible bonuses will "Defensive slash" and "Threatening slash" give? Damage is slashing, is it bad to skip?
    - Maximize "Heavy war arrow" and one snare, put rest of the focus to melee?
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