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    Arcanite Bars for Lionheart helm

    I can as well
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    Molten Core - Wednesday 13th November

    Taking his spot as Retribution? I sure am 🤩
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    Molten Core - Wednesday 6th November

    Unfortunately something has come up, and I can not attend Molten Core this Wednesday :( @Nouska @Lasergun
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    Declined Bóbee - Rogue

    I had literally NO idea this existed. Wow 😲 Also good luck with the application :)
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    Warrior [Raid Rotation] General Info

    Are we going to experiement with fury dual wield tanking, now when people are getting more geared? :)
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    Onyxia - Thursday 24th October

    @ZED Just use this:
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    Molten Core - Wednesday 16th October

    Well I'll be darned. It seems like we need another healer for tonight @Nouska ;)
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    Molten Core - Wednesday 16th October

    Alright. I will be available if needed, Wednesday.
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    Molten Core - Wednesday 16th October

    So can I expect to be sitting out indefinitely now, as long as the other 4 paladins are available?
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    Onyxia Raids - Sunday 13th October

    Raiders get logging in. I just got home, and the queue is over 1 hour at the moment :)
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    Scholomance - Thursday 10th October

    I'm on for about 2 hours from 16:30 - 18:30 to do a Scholomance run.
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    Calling all Arcanite Bar Alchemists!

    I don't quite understand what you mean. Do you want us alchemists to go buy materials on the AH and then transmute? Also right now, it looks like the expensive part will be the Pristine Black Diamond. But then again, I don't have any record of what they normally went for, before the Dire Maul...
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    Warlocks and Paladins Unite

    Thanks for the heads up, didn't realize we could get the mount with Dire Maul. This will probably spikes prices on some mats. Do anyone know the normal price of Azerothian Diamond and Pristine Black Diamond?