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  • Hey Antain - I saw, nice to have you with us and I'm looking forward to catching up! :)
    I sincerely doubt I'd win, i'm undergeared and dessies keep resisting my stunning skills :/
    But I'll try to keep an eye out for a green BG, if I can get past the choppa line that is ;P

    Oh btw forgot to mention i'm a BW, melee's fav class :/
    LOL okay, obvious name is obvious. Just wanted to be sure as I still play Warhammer and I recently bumped into several CIR members and was hoping one of them was you! ;)
    Why would you want us to lower our tax rate from 100% to 90%? (Don't tell the others yet!)

    Hope there was some fun to be had with our 'event', although it seems many things conspired against us! Looking forward to some good Arena events at launch :D
    hi , sorry we have not been able to get enough of the higher level players together to make a team ! they seem to have all vanished. very sorry for any troube caused to you guys would have been a fun event!
    gemm (guild officer)
    Application accepted! I assume you'll be playing one main class and 7 bots? This will fit in well with our other 7 members who are doing the same. We pwn at 6v6 :D
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