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Being a member of Cyrus should mean something to you. We will strive to make Cyrus one of the primary guilds on our server through teamwork, constant progression and positive play.

Cyrus is not a guild for those who are easily offended or prone to giving up when the odds are against us. Some of our greatest victories have come at seemingly impossible times, and this is certainly when they are most rewarding. But these victories are hard earned, and do not happen overnight. We learn from our losses, adjust, and come back stronger.

Our motto is simple: Guild first, always*.

Cyrus Rules of Conduct

Most rules for joining a guild are common sense. However, the following should be understood by all members at all times, whether participating in guild events or running with public groups:

  • Members will follow the "chain of command" at all times. This includes when in "pick-up groups". If you join a public party, you are accepting the Group Leaders authority from the off-set, and will obey all instructions regardless of your own opinions. If you have ideas to contribute or suggestions to make, you will do so in a polite and friendly manner, accepting the decision of the leader.

  • Members will make a concerted effort to move in groups when in PvP zones. Players will try to remain within range of the group leader or, if appropriate, their party leader.

  • Members will treat all other players with the same respect as their guild members. We will not become involved in public disputes which could call the guilds reputation into question. This includes when posting in public forums.

  • Guild Chat is to be kept friendly at all times! Try to ensure that any questions are responded to, and that nobody feels ignored. However guild members should usually use Voice Comms instead of guild chat where possible.

  • Members will check and participate regularly in all guild methods of communication, especially the guild website and forums.

Voice Communications (Discord)

All members are required to download and install the Discord voice communications software, and a working microphone is needed (yes, you must be prepared to talk!). Members should be logged on whenever they are ingame, and in a group channel whenever taking part in organised guild events / raids. Excessive swearing is to be kept to a minimum.

Guild Taxes and Crafting Items

The guild will organise occasional "farming" sessions for crafting items as required.

Other forms of taxes and contributions may be implemented at any time, however we will run a fair system that rewards members based on their input and commitment to the guild, and NOT on their rank or level.

Guild Activity Policy

Members of Cyrus should be active players. It is not necessary to class yourself as 'hardcore', but if you make a commitment to attend a group for a raid, you will try your utmost to be there at the agreed time.

Members should be able to commit to at least three scheduled guild events per week. As we progress further into the game, these commitments will become more important as we will rely on fixed group structures.

If you are going away on holiday, please post on our forums to let us know when you will return. Members who are away for more than 7 days without notice may be removed from the guild, but can reapply on their return.

Alternate Characters

Alternate Characters (alts) may be accepted into the guild so long as they are active. A "Cyrus Alt" guild may be established for less active alts, such as banker or crafter characters or just for testing purposes and guild 'alt' events.

EMO Policy

Cyrus is a guild for mature, fun-loving players who do not wish to be burdened by EMO rage-quitters. If you choose to quit the guild in anger, you will not be welcomed back. Before quitting, talk to an officer and see if your issue cannot be dealt with in a more positive way.

Age Policy

Cyrus currently considers applications from potential members aged 18 or above. Sorry kids, it's nothing personal - I just hate losing duels to minors! If you are under age but feel you have the voice and maturity to pass for 18, feel free to lie on your application - just don't get caught. This is as fair as we can make it!


Cyrus is seeking mature, active members only. To apply, please register an account on our forums and then follow the steps outlined within our Application Guide. Thank you, and good luck!

* Unless you have kids. Or a wife / husband. Or a job. Or basically any kind of social life. What we mean is: If you are in game, we come first. If possible!


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    10th Dec 2015
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Cyrus quotables

Guild recruitment

Currently recruiting the following classes:
Heavy Fighters
Spirit Mages

Event schedule

  • Monday Groups
  • Tuesday Guild Event
  • Wednesday Groups
  • Thursday Guild Event
  • Friday No Schedule
  • Saturday No Schedule
  • Sunday Guild Event

Guild Events start at 19:30 UK time, and finish before 23:00.

The above schedule is provisional only, and will be finalised before launch.

We typically schedule guild events 3 or 4 nights per week, and we include the occasional 'alarm clock raid' if required!