Guild News The Cyrus Podcast - Episode 1

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Welcome to "The Bull's Horn" - a Cyrus Gaming Podcast hosted by Daemion, Hakugard and Raffles - containing all the latest guild news, activities and drama along with a healthy dose of gaming news and Camelot Unchained updates. Published every fortnight, content allowing, now you can always take a little Cyrus with you wherever you go!

Club Cyrus The Cyrus MMO Wars

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Come on, CSE - see what you are putting us through? Cyrus enters "Crunch Mode" and rehashes old conquests in the form of World of Warcraft and Aion, causing a great split in the guild. Which group will come out on top? How will this effect the already awkward relationships within the guild? Will Camelot Unchained ever be released?

Guild News Cyrus to launch 'No Man's Sky' PvP Guild

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Cyrus are pleased to announce that they will be relaunching in the upcoming space combat exploration Massively Multiplayer Online game 'No Man's Sky'. What's that? You didn't think this was a multiplayer game? Then you haven't done your research, unlike the visionaries at Cyrus Gaming. Read about our plans for universal domination!

Guild News It's All About The Journey...

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What are the key requirements for a strong, successful and stable guild? Is it community? Leadership? A hidden porn section on the guild website? After 7 years in gaming, we at Cyrus have the answer: Luck. There, that's it. Nothing more to read here - I'm only posting this because it's been a month since our last article, anyway!

Club Cyrus Dead by Daylight

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Cyrus adds the newly launched 'Dead By Daylight' to their increasing roster of Club Cyrus games that allow us to maim, mutilate and murder each other with absolutely no consequence. Find out how we got on in this joyfully violent survival slasher, and discover who was the biggest screamer of the night - for once, it wasn't Caellin!

Club Cyrus Do NOT Join This Guild!

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Cyrus is not a nice guild. Led by possibly one of the most hated GMs across the gaming spectrum, its membership is filled with egotistical shitlords who want nothing more than to ruin your day. They can't even play a nice, civil game of Golf without turning it into a PvP bloodbath! You have been warned - do not join this guild!
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