Aion Aion: CIR and Cyrus Capure Artifacts!

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Alliance partners Crimson Imperium Reborn and Cyrus paid a visit to The Abyss this evening, and ended up with all the spoils of war. After capturing the first Artifact for CIR, the group went on to take a second, the Daevic Efflux Artifact, for Cyrus. These are only the 5th and 6th Artifacts capured on the Perento server so far.

Aion Aion: Cyrus reaches Legion Rank 3!

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Today, Cyrus have earned Legion Rank 3 status. At a total combined cost of 1,367,300 kinah and 20,000 contribution points, our members have demonstrated their commitment to working together for a shared purpose, and their willingness to go the extra mile to achieve the common goals of the guild. Good traits to have in a guild!

Aion Aion Headstart: The first 8 hours

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With over 400,000 people having pre-ordered Aion, we knew that the Aion headstart was going to present a few challenges. However, Cyrus has already got off to a great start, and we can be very proud of our first few hours achievements. Our first objective was to secure our legion name, which meant getting someone to rank 10 ASAP!

Aion Aion: Cyrus picks the Perento server!

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As part of the European Server Coalition, I am happy to announce that Cyrus will be rolling on the Perento server. This promises to be a very active and competitive PvP server, with many top European guilds joining us for some great action in the Abyss. We look forward to meeting both our friends and enemies in Aion soon!

Aion "Operation Smush CIR", An Open Beta Story

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This is the true story of a group of mighty Cyrus warriors sent down into the lands of Elysea to seek and destroy our enemies of the Crimson Imperium Reborn legion. Though their mission was strictly one way, tales of the destruction and bloodshed left in their path have returned to us, along with the diary of one of our warriors, Ihq.

Aion Miley Madness - The Results!

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Because everyone at Cyrus is a really butch, hardcore stud who isn't afraid to use the standy-uppie urinals in a packed public toilet, we decided we had to top our 'Cheerleading Practise' event from the Closed Beta. And what better way than to see who could create a character with the best likeness of an everyman hero, Miley Cyrus!

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