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WoW WoW Classic Recruitment Update!

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It's time for a WoW Classic recruitment update! We've had a great couple of weeks progress, and things have been going ahead of schedule and right on time. As we said before the stress test, during the stress test and after the stress test, Cyrus will be ready on time and behind schedule! Check our progress we enter crunch mode...

WoW Top Ten Old School Warcraft Videos

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The mid-2000’s were a lawless wasteland. With the 90’s hangover firmly behind us, the internet gradually became part of everyday life. Alongside the rise of online games like World of Warcraft, people were uploading all sorts of nonsense to a new video hosting site, YouTube. Here’s the best of both worlds in all its 360p glory!

WoW Classic Cyrus - Recruiting for the Alliance!

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Cyrus is now recruiting for World of Warcraft Classic! We are representing the Alliance faction on EU PvP servers, with a focus on raiding and PvP. Read our storied guild history as well as our ambitious plans for the future, and consider applying today! After all, what have you got to lose other than a few thousand hours?!

WoW Vanilla For Everyone!!!

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“You think you do, but you don’t.” Those infamous words uttered by J. Allen Brack at Blizzcon 2013 would come back to haunt him. He was answering a question regarding servers dedicated to previous expansions. Sitting in front of a banner for Warlords of Draenor, Brack asked why anyone would want to relive those arcane times.

WoW "If this is a blessing, it is certainly disguised"

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Did you miss us? Well we are back, baby! Lots of positive vibes and can-do energy in the room, we can't wait to show you exactly what we are made of. Cyrus is going to play World of Warcraft Classic, and it's going to be an interesting ride. Raiding! Loot council! Drama! Guild Kicks! Ahhh, just like the good old days!

WoW World of Warcraft: The Return

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Wow. Just Wow. We are actually doing it - Cyrus are returning to World of Warcraft. What madness is this?! Who is responsible for this insane decision? I know - it's that damned Mark Jacobs, that's who. "Crunch", my arse! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE THE CHOSEN ONE! I feel so unclean... I need to lie down. Help me... Anyone?

Guild recruitment

We are currently recruiting the following classes for our core raid group:

We are still recruiting all classes for PvP!

Guild schedule

  • Monday No Schedule
  • Tuesday No Schedule
  • Wednesday Raid Night
  • Thursday Raid Night
  • Friday BG Premades
  • Saturday No Schedule
  • Sunday Raid Night

Guild Events start at 19:15 UK time, and aim to finish around 23:00.

We typically schedule guild events 2 or 3 nights per week. However 'no schedule' does not necessarily mean 'no activity'!

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