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News about Cyrus in World of Warcraft, and our journey to 2200.

WoW World of Warcraft: The Return

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Wow. Just Wow. We are actually doing it - Cyrus are returning to World of Warcraft. What madness is this?! Who is responsible for this insane decision? I know - it's that damned Mark Jacobs, that's who. "Crunch", my arse! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE THE CHOSEN ONE! I feel so unclean... I need to lie down. Help me... Anyone?

WoW To 2200, and Beyond!

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, quitters. They said it couldn't be done - so we just went and did it. Cyrus have now reached a legitimate, non-boosted, stable HORDE guild team rank of 2200 in Rated Battlegrounds. Now we aren't just epic, we are elite! This article may be braggy, but that's because we are better than you!

WoW Could you have a little Cyrus in you?

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Cyrus have recently transferred to the Stormscale server, and it is time to get our recruitment on. This article is to explain what our current goals in World of Warcraft are, and where we would like to be headed over the coming months. If you are interested in Rated Battlegrounds, Arena teams or even a little raiding, check us out!

WoW Cyrus Rebooted - Moved to Stormscale

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MoP on Outland has been a challenging prospect for some. First there were the server queues, reaching over 4500 at times and preventing many players from logging in. Some managed to overcome this by using remote access software to queue from work, but with the server instability kicking people randomly it wasn't a perfect solution.

WoW Mists of Pandaria

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Work, family, even wedding plans - ALL these things should be put on hold so that the launch of WoW: Mists of Pandaria can be given the time it deserves. So call your boss, tell your wife and kids, and definitely don't think about taking your girlfriend up the aisle any time soon - the Pandas are coming, and your guild needs you!

WoW It's Never Too Late: Heroic 8/8

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Our time in Cataclysm has always been a game of catch-up, with the guild and many of its members arriving in WoW well after the release of patch 4.3. However we are pleased to announce that we have now killed all Heroic raid bosses in Dragon Soul, just in time for the launch of the next patch coming soon. Better late than never!
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