Cyrus dominated in Rift: Planes of Telara. Here are some highlights!

RIFT Goodbye, Rift...

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It is with some sadness that I announce the closure of Cyrus in Rift ahead of our move to SW:TOR. We have been a very successful guild - best known on Whitefall, we completely dominated when it came to PvP, whilst managing to maintain a fun and competitive PvE raid group which cleared everything but the last boss in Hammerknell.

RIFT Genzong vs Grugonim, Inwar Down! (HK 10/11)

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Around a month ago, PvE raiding in Cyrus was very nearly declared dead. What a mistake that would have been - progression has been swift and enjoyable, and the quality of our raid group has improved well beyond expectations. Tonight we killed Grugonim, the 11th raid boss in HK. And when I say we, I really mean our warrior Genzong.

RIFT Goodbye, Whitefall...

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It's official. PvP on Whitefall is dead, and Cyrus are the last PvP guild left standing. Whilst we may be tempted to declare ourselves the winner, it feels like an empty victory as it means our home is not what we want it to be. Defiants are completely unorganised and unmotivated and it seems they see Cyrus and give up all hope.

RIFT Hammerknell Progression... (5/11 - Yes, really!)

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Two weeks ago it looked as though Cyrus was going to completely give up on PvE raiding. Attendance had become lacklustre, and following several weeks of struggling to get a viable raid group online, and absolutely no progression at all in Hammerknell, our regular raid leader decided to call it a day. And that's when things picked up!

RIFT Thanks Cyrus - Whitefall is Alive!

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Tonight saw Whitefall come alive with large scale PvP action. You couldn't move anywhere in Stillmore, Iron Pine Peaks or Shimmersands without coming across a raid of bloodthirsty Defiants or Guardians. The event was organised by Cyrus, who set both factions the objective of simultaneously opening and sealing a PvP rift in all 3 zones.

RIFT Tainted can't take the heat!

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When the going gets tough, what do Tainted do? They swear. They call us names. They cry. They claim they were AFK. They threaten to leave the server. They claim they have never lost a PvP encounter against Cyrus. But mostly, they rage on forums. It's only been a few hours since the fight, but the thread is up to 9 pages so far...
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