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[Aion] Miley Madness - The Results!

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Because everyone at Cyrus is a really butch, hardcore stud who isn't afraid to use the standy-uppie urinals in a packed public toilet, we decided we had to top our 'Cheerleading Practise' event from the Closed Beta. And what better way than to see who could create a character with the best likeness of an everyman hero, Miley Cyrus!

[Aion] Aion: Fight Night: The Results!

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Tonight Cyrus celebrated Open Beta in typical fashion. Typical, that is, for the Asmodian filth that we will be crushing once Aion launches! During the Closed Beta events it was all pom-poms and posing for our Elyos beloved, but for Open Beta, what better way to get together than with a good old duel night to settle a few egos!
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