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[Guild News] Cyrus to launch 'No Man's Sky' PvP Guild

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Cyrus are pleased to announce that they will be relaunching in the upcoming space combat exploration Massively Multiplayer Online game 'No Man's Sky'. What's that? You didn't think this was a multiplayer game? Then you haven't done your research, unlike the visionaries at Cyrus Gaming. Read about our plans for universal domination!

[Camelot Unchained] Fixed Groups for Camelot Unchained

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Finding the right guild to call home in Camelot Unchained will be an important task for many players, and with so many options out there it is helpful to have as much information as possible upon which to base your decision. In this article we discuss Cyrus's intention to organise fixed PvP groups with a high activity requirement.

[Club Cyrus] Introducing 'Club Cyrus'!

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Introducing 'Club Cyrus' - casual games for serious gamers! While we will continue to focus our efforts on MMO gaming, sometimes we all need to unwind in something different. So we are pleased to announce our first foray into casual gaming. Cyrus members old and new are welcome to take part as and when they need that sweet release!

[Guild News] Make MMOs Great Again!

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Holy mother of rants! Redh unloads his views on the recent state of the MMO gaming industry, and what is missing from modern games. Where did it all go wrong, and why? And is there anything games studios can do to fix these issues? If that doesn't sound interesting enough for you, there's also a picture of a nearly naked woman!

[Camelot Unchained] [EU] Cyrus - Recruiting Vikings!

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Cyrus are now officially recruiting for Camelot Unchained! We will be representing the Viking faction, and if available will roll on a European-based server. Read all about our exciting plans for the future, and how we intend to organise ourselves in Camelot Unchained to be a highly active, competitive and fun guild! For Valhalla!

[Camelot Unchained] Cyrus Faction Choice - it's V for Victory!

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With the initial Class Reveal live streams complete, Cyrus thought it was time to pick our faction for Camelot Unchained - Arthurian, Viking or TDD. Although the game is still a long way from release, we wanted to set out our stall early and give our enemies adequate time to rally against us so they can try to put up a worthy fight!
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