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[RIFT] Cyrus vs Server

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Tonight saw another epic night of PvP on Whitefall. We knew before we started that the Defiants were out in force thanks to the endless complaints in Guardian level 50 chat, however we decided to have a night to ourselves instead of lead the pugs again. With around 30 - 35 members geared up and ready for a battle, we set off.

[RIFT] Cyrus lead Guardians to Glory!

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Guardians have been despondent lately, with a lot of complaining that we are outnumbered. This is confusing to Cyrus, as every time we rally our troops we lock down zones and take no prisoners. So tonight we decided to lead the rest of the Guardians to show that, with a little organisation, we are more than enough to match Defiants.

[RIFT] Some Devastating Guild News...

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When I was a boy, I looked up to Jean Claude Van Damme. He was The Man, and no-one messed with him in the last 10 minutes of a movie! I had a poster on my bedroom wall of him performing a flying kick from Bloodsport. He was kicking someone in the face, so this was in no way "slightly feminine" of me. Where is this leading? Read on!

[RIFT] Cyrus Against The World

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Sunday 27th March was Census day across the UK. With this in mind (or by some strange co-incidence), Cyrus decided to take a snapshot of the Defiant population on Whitefall, the most populated English-speaking server and, at the time, full. We set out looking for some action, and.... nothing. Not a bean. Not single defiant raid!
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