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[Guild News] Inspirational Leaders - Part 2

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Part 2 of our Leadership list highlights supreme specimens who show the potential to take over the world, but are instead choosing to dominate in one particular area or field instead. Make no mistake though, they each rule their own part of the world with the same iron fist as our first selections, and are complete and utter badasses!

[Guild News] Inspirational Leaders - Part 1

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It takes a distinguished individual to earn the respect of the notorious Cyrus Guild leader. This is a list of such notable individuals. Use this as a tool to help you eliminate your current lamentable lily-livered tendencies, and learn from their glorious examples. This is your guide to becoming a worthwhile Cyrus guild member!

[WoW] To 2200, and Beyond!

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, quitters. They said it couldn't be done - so we just went and did it. Cyrus have now reached a legitimate, non-boosted, stable HORDE guild team rank of 2200 in Rated Battlegrounds. Now we aren't just epic, we are elite! This article may be braggy, but that's because we are better than you!

[Guild News] What is Project Cyrus?

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Cyrus has a dream. We are not just a top gaming guild, but we are a community. A community of dedicated gamers who want to progress not just to the next level, but to the next dimension of gaming. With this in mind, we have been working very hard to bring to reality a vision that no other guild has even come close to dreaming of.

[RIFT] Thanks Cyrus - Whitefall is Alive!

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Tonight saw Whitefall come alive with large scale PvP action. You couldn't move anywhere in Stillmore, Iron Pine Peaks or Shimmersands without coming across a raid of bloodthirsty Defiants or Guardians. The event was organised by Cyrus, who set both factions the objective of simultaneously opening and sealing a PvP rift in all 3 zones.

[RIFT] Tainted can't take the heat!

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When the going gets tough, what do Tainted do? They swear. They call us names. They cry. They claim they were AFK. They threaten to leave the server. They claim they have never lost a PvP encounter against Cyrus. But mostly, they rage on forums. It's only been a few hours since the fight, but the thread is up to 9 pages so far...
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