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Club Cyrus - Casual gaming for serious gamers!

[Club Cyrus] High-Octane Squads in The Division!

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Cyrus creates yet more high-octane action in Tom Clancy's The Division, the 3rd person cover shooter from Ubisoft! Since our activation two weeks ago, we've been no-lifing it like bosses, triggering the whole of New York with our elite rogue skills and super-suave attire. We don't just play the games, we look good doing it!

[Club Cyrus] Introducing 'Club Cyrus'!

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Introducing 'Club Cyrus' - casual games for serious gamers! While we will continue to focus our efforts on MMO gaming, sometimes we all need to unwind in something different. So we are pleased to announce our first foray into casual gaming. Cyrus members old and new are welcome to take part as and when they need that sweet release!

[Club Cyrus] The Division - Dark Zone Lockdown

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Cyrus have been playing Tom Clancy's The Division this Open Beta weekend, and we are happy to confirm that the hype is indeed real! We will be adding this game to our rotation while we continue to wait for Camelot Unchained. And for anyone hoping to enjoy the final night of Beta tonight, be warned - we are going out with a bang!

[Club Cyrus] Chivalry: Medieval Douchebaggery

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Things to do today: wash some clothes, vacuum the living room, clean the dishes... oh yes, and of course find the biggest, sharpest axe you can, gather all your friends up, and chop them into tiny little pieces while trying not to slip on the blood-splattered floor. Yes - this is a typical night when you are a member of Cyrus!

[Club Cyrus] The Cyrus 'Rocket League' League!

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Rocket League is serious business! Never one to miss out on an opportunity to bring organisation and structure into our gaming (hooray for spreadsheets, down with fun!), Cyrus organises our own 2 vs 2 Rocket League tournament. Which team worked best together and stole first prize? Surely not one of our women drivers... Oh, God no!

[Club Cyrus] Rocket League Shenanigans

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Cyrus continues their "Year of Casual Gaming" by playing the awesome Rocket League. Spotted in a weekend Steam sale, we just had to take the opportunity to bomb around in rocket-boosted murder vehicles and try to ram each other into oblivion. Oh, and get the giant ball into the net. Sometimes. But mainly just ram each other!
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