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[Club Cyrus] The Cyrus MMO Wars

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Come on, CSE - see what you are putting us through? Cyrus enters "Crunch Mode" and rehashes old conquests in the form of World of Warcraft and Aion, causing a great split in the guild. Which group will come out on top? How will this effect the already awkward relationships within the guild? Will Camelot Unchained ever be released?

[Club Cyrus] Dead by Daylight

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Cyrus adds the newly launched 'Dead By Daylight' to their increasing roster of Club Cyrus games that allow us to maim, mutilate and murder each other with absolutely no consequence. Find out how we got on in this joyfully violent survival slasher, and discover who was the biggest screamer of the night - for once, it wasn't Caellin!

[Club Cyrus] Do NOT Join This Guild!

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Cyrus is not a nice guild. Led by possibly one of the most hated GMs across the gaming spectrum, its membership is filled with egotistical shitlords who want nothing more than to ruin your day. They can't even play a nice, civil game of Golf without turning it into a PvP bloodbath! You have been warned - do not join this guild!

[Club Cyrus] Cyrus takes the first Watch

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Overwatch was launched at midnight on 24th May, and Cyrus were amongst the first to dive in and pull an all-nighter, bravely doing battle in a brand new game having spent only hundreds of hours practising in Beta! Caellin gives us the lowdown on how our overnight crew got on, featuring Karesk, Karnage, Legoman, Nostrau and Peedy.

[Club Cyrus] Cyrus Completes The Elder Scrolls Online!

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This is a totally true, unbiased and unembellished account of how Cyrus came to dominate The Elder Scrolls Online on their very first night of open world combat. All events have been verified by 8 witnesses, and we have provided raw, unenhanced photographic evidence to back up our claims. Rival guilds of Camelot Unchained, fear us!

[Club Cyrus] The Master versus The Apprentice

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How do you check an ego the size of a Death Star? Patiently, that's how! You devise a cunning plan, you enlist the right help, and you plant your trap in a very public setting. This is the tragic story of Caellin, AKA the guild mouth, and his long overdue comeuppance. For anyone who's ever been in a group with him, this is for you!
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