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[Camelot Unchained] Faction Breakdown - Vikings

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The second of our three articles covering the faction choices in Camelot Unchained examines the Vikings. Brash, boisterous and bloody, these manly men are all about getting into a fight and overpowering their opponents. We piece together how their classes might perform in battle, and how they will fare against the other factions.

[Camelot Unchained] Faction Breakdown - Arthurians

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Welcome to the first of three articles covering the faction choices in Camelot Unchained. Today we take a closer look at the Arthurians and their motivations, races, classes and group play style. We try to build up a picture of how they would play against the other factions, and what their potential strengths and weaknesses could be.

[Camelot Unchained] Class Breakdown - Stealthers

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The Stealthers are a stretch goal class concept for Camelot Unchained hopefully to be included at launch (but no promises). Stealthers use the Veil to their advantage by becoming invisible and regenerating resources. They are great for sneaking behind enemy lines, and best matched against ranged classes such as mages and archers.

[Camelot Unchained] Class Breakdown - Shapeshifters

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Shapeshifters are a post launch DPS class concept for Camelot Unchained capable of transforming their shape to gain a range of different abilities and benefits. They are primarily a melee class, with some flexibility allowing them a more specialised role. They will require a higher skill cap to play compared to other classes.

[Camelot Unchained] Class Breakdown - Scouts

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Scouts are a post-launch class concept for Camelot Unchained specialising in providing tactical information, warfare strategy, enemy locations, etc. They can be used for marking locations, mines or enemies on the map and will be good at covering large distances. Scouts will also have some utility, however they are not combat focused.

[Camelot Unchained] Class Breakdown - Spirit Mages

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The Spirit Mage is a post-launch pet class concept for Camelot Unchained. More independant and resiliant than the dedicated Mage class, Spirit Mages focus on controlling their pets / spirits abilties rather than using abilities through their own character. They also fight at a closer range than Mages, offering a different play style.
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Faction Breakdown - Vikings

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