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[Guild News] Cyrus Citadel in the News!

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Cyrus is already making the news in Camelot Unchained, although it's for the opposite of what we are usually known for. Instead of being heralded for our destructive capabilities on the PvP lakes, it's our building that has hit the spotlight! Next we'll be role-playing with the new emotes, or writing haiku's to call out our enemies!

[Camelot Unchained] Class Breakdown - Crafters

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Continuing our Class Breakdown series, we take a look at the dedicated Crafter class which is set to make Camelot Unchained stand out from the MMO crowd. Crafters will be tasked with creating all items within the game, including all our beloved gear and weapons. Read about the basic mechanics involved in creating these items!

[Camelot Unchained] Crafters, Assemble!

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Cyrus is a legendary PvP guild, so why are we looking at the crafting in Camelot Unchained? Surely this is a giant waste of time, and we just want to get our zerg on? Wrong! Crafting is what LETS us get our zerg on! Read about our plans to become the 'go to' guild for gear, and why we will love our crafters and the goodies they create.

[Camelot Unchained] [EU] Cyrus - Recruiting Vikings!

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Cyrus are now officially recruiting for Camelot Unchained! We will be representing the Viking faction, and if available will roll on a European-based server. Read all about our exciting plans for the future, and how we intend to organise ourselves in Camelot Unchained to be a highly active, competitive and fun guild! For Valhalla!

[Camelot Unchained] Cyrus Faction Choice - it's V for Victory!

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With the initial Class Reveal live streams complete, Cyrus thought it was time to pick our faction for Camelot Unchained - Arthurian, Viking or TDD. Although the game is still a long way from release, we wanted to set out our stall early and give our enemies adequate time to rally against us so they can try to put up a worthy fight!

[Camelot Unchained] Faction Breakdown - Tuatha De Danann

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Our final Faction Breakdown delves into the lives and combat styles of the Tuatha De Danann. We try to assess how these sick little puppies will play out within the world of Camelot Unchained, and where their strengths and weaknesses lie. Before you start reading though, there's something we should probably warn you about...
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