[Guild News] The Cyrus Podcast - Episode 3 is LIVE!

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    Guildies and guests, it's TIME! Here we are again with another episode of 'The Bull's Horn', our fortnightly podcast. You could say things are getting pretty serious now as Daemion, Hakugard and Raffles enter the Cyrus Towers Studios to record their third episode, titled "Wow! ...WoW." - I wonder what this one could be about?!

    This episode lasts around 33 minutes and covers our return to World of Warcraft, the ideal Cyrus member (including some shocking views on our Most Glorious Leader), and of course all the regular banter and tomfoolery you can expect from this comic trio. Here is the episode rundown:

    - [00:21] Introductions
    - [06:04] Cyrus Activities: Back to World of Warcraft!
    - [07:47] Ask the Guild: What makes an ideal Cyrus member? (in 4 words!)
    - [19:25] Discussion Topic: Kick-off into WoW - what are we hoping to achieve, and how do we keep people happy knowing we are moving to Camelot Unchained?
    - [29:52] Upcoming Events: Rocket League (Thursday) and WoW (Sunday)​

    Please don't forget to leave your comments, feedback and ideas after listening to the episode - and make sure you catch the discussion thread for next episodes "Ask the Guild" section when it's put up. This is our podcast, so get involved and Help Make Podcasts Great Again!

    Here are the links to the downloads:

    SOUNDCLOUD (Stream and Direct Download):



    Thank you to Daemion, Hakugard and Raffles for your work on this, and as usual I look forward to the next episode!
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    1. Caellin

      "I was tank, Caellin was healing, main reason to go back to my priest"
      Hey man, atleast I wasn't running around with broken armor!!

      Good podcast, I really liked the duration of this podcast and the "Ask the Guild" part.
    2. Redh

      I agree with Caellin - my favourite part was the "Ask the Guild" section, and I really like how Raffles turned it into a quiz to see who said what. Daemion and Hakugard needed to be snappier with their answers though, so maybe this is a preparation thing (at least have a list of guild members!), or just don't take your answers too seriously!

      I'd like to see the topic for "Ask the Guild" put up sooner so we can ensure everyone replies. I don't think we need to read out everyone's reply though, just the best ones. I can certainly help chase up answers, as I really feel this is something everyone should be involved with. I'd say ask for answers no more than 10 - 15 words though to keep it short so more can be read out without it dragging.

      For sections when we talk about guild plans and goals, I'm always surprised none of you contact me with some questions or to get a more definitive plan of what the guild is doing - it always feels a bit vague, and sometimes I'm just praying you don't say the wrong thing! For example Daemion started off the WoW section by saying that because we are a PvP guild that's all we'll be focusing on, but this isn't the case. Raffles corrected this, but there didn't need to be any confusion here. I am available any time guys!

      The length was fine too, although personally I don't mind a longer one if the content is there, especially if there is Camelot Unchained content to get through.

      It's a shame our last Rocket League event was held just after recording - that was my fault, and I'll ensure we schedule anything like that on a Wednesday and not a Thursday. I hope this will still be featured in the next podcast, as it was a lot of fun. Hopefully by then Hakugard will have released the video, and we have our article to fall back on for ideas.

      Shout out to Hakugard this episode - this was his best one so far, so it's great to see such improvement. Well done mate! Daemion is a consistent host, a touch more planning in what questions you'll ask the others would be great. And Raffles has his section established now, so it's on him to keep making that interesting each time!

      One thing I don't like is the way the introductions are done - I don't really need to know what each host has been playing during the last fortnight, and it drags. Maybe think of something better, or just skip it completely after the hellos and go straight into the first section. Also, the ending is always Daemion asking if the others have anything to add, which puts them on the spot. Plan this better - maybe instead of the intro, each have an outtro - it could be to leave the viewers with your thought of the day. Could be funny, could be about something upcoming, whatever. But as things are it's a little awkward when you all are like "no, that's it from me"!

      I hope this helps - I love that we have this running now, and 3 fortnights in a row delivered on the Friday! I really hope you are all enjoying producing this, and I look forward to it every time :D
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    3. Dia

      Thanks guys! Will listen to this in the car on my way to work today!

      Update: Hey! Screw you guys! Hyphenated words count as one.
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    4. Caellin

      I do like the intro bit, but maybe before starting ask for a highlight of the week. Could be a new game or an event in-game. That way anyone who has something to add gets a chance to prepare it it. I like that there is some attention for different games, but I would try and keep it restrained to just one highlight which isn't discussed for longer than 60 seconds.
    5. Iselore

      Nice one guys, starting to sound really good.