[Guild News] The Cyrus Podcast - Episode 2 is LIVE!

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    Greetings and salutations fellow survivors, it's the moment you've all been waiting for! Yes, it's Episode 2 of our very well received and much appreciated Podcast series. Daemion, Hakugard and Raffles are back again to talk about all things Cyrus and Camelot Unchained!

    This episode, called "Kicking Ability", lasts about an hour, and is packed with fun tales of guild drama and the best way to layer a trifle cake. There is also news on the Camelot Unchained ability system somewhere in there! Here is the episode rundown:

    - Introductions
    - Cyrus Activities: Smash+Grab and Dark Age of Camelot
    - Ask the Guild: The Kick Button, A Comedy Series
    - Discussion Topic: The Camelot Unchained Ability System

    Please don't forget to leave your comments, feedback and ideas after listening to the episode - and make sure you catch the discussion thread for next episodes "Ask the Guild" section when it's put up. This is our podcast, so get involved and Help Make Podcasts Great Again!

    Here are the links to the downloads:

    SOUNDCLOUD (Stream and Direct Download):



    Thank you to Daemion, Hakugard and Raffles for your work on this, and I look forward to the next episode!
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    1. Daemion

      Much better voices all around on this one. Glad to say I've figured out how to edit the voices to make them match a bit better overall rather than using the captured volumes. Aside from that blip at the beginning (no idea), rather proud of this one. : P
    2. Dia

      Thank you, guys and great job! I listened to it just now. Poor Haku and his manflu...

      I liked the guild kick stories and loved the idea of a Raffles TeamSpeak voice package!
    3. Redh

      Had a good listen to this yesterday - I think it was a great episode even though the subject matter you had to cover for Camelot Unchained was a little dry. But you all did a good job of explaining the recent CSE live streams and breaking down the important information. You had all clearly done your research too, which came across very well.

      The sound was also much better, and it was great to hear more from Raffles this time around. Poor Hakugard struggled through his manflu - what a trooper!

      I really enjoyed the "kicking" section, and it wasn't the easiest thing to give feedback on unless you had specific examples. However as Raffles said I hope everyone will take part next time and give some good feedback and little bits to use.

      Good stuff guys, I'm really happy with how this is going! :)
    4. Axelbaxel

      The problem with the kicking section is that it's easier to come with stories if you're the one doing the kicking rather than being a third party. I've seen quite a few people get gkicked, but I don't get to know all the details and thougths behind the kick and thus don't have any stories to tell about them.
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    5. Redh

      BTW, there was a lot more swearing in this one, so I had to put age-restriction on the video on YouTube. Not a problem, as we have a minimum age to join the guild anyway, but just wanted to check this was the direction you wanted for the podcast. It may cause problems if we ever transition to a more general Camelot Unchained server podcast :D
    6. Nostrau

      A few thoughts after listening to the second episode:

      - OMG Hakugard made some changes to his microphone or bought a new for $5k!!! That's what I thought during the greetings phase until I heard he was sick.

      - The production quality is really nice.

      - I feel it's a bit too long to listen to in a complete sweep. Which brings me to the next point.

      - I get triggered when I'm on Youtube and the author posts a table of contents under the video with no time stamps and hyperlinks. It's just a mess finding the right section and near impossible on a podcast with no video references to guide you. So my vital advice to Redh is to add time stamps and hyperlinks to the correct section to this and future episode.
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    7. Daemion

      That was actually my job that I assigned myself the last episode and I failed in it, but not without reason. I actually had to edit the audio twice as the first time I had removed the silences rather than compressed them and that was before I had compressed and amplified the audio, thus I had lost a decent amount of speech. In the fervour to get it back to how it was and such, I totally forgot about marking segments and whatnot.
    8. Hakugard

      As far as the swearing thing goes to be honest the YT age restriction rating only applies if there is nudity or graphic violence in the video or use of racially epithets or other charged language. You'd be surprised what isn't age restricted on the basis of retaining ad status.
    9. Raffles

      Keep the age limit. When it develops into a CU podcast, I'd rather not have any restrictions on the content.
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