[Guild News] The Cyrus Podcast - Episode 1 is LIVE!

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    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, undocumented and undecided... I am pleased to announce that "the best kept secret in Cyrus history" is now here. I am proud to present to you all today the very first episode of the Cyrus Gaming Podcast, "The Bull's Horn".

    Our podcast is hosted by Daemion, Hakugard and Raffles and will start off as a Cyrus Gaming podcast covering guild news and updates, gossip, drama, gaming news, Camelot Unchained and more. If the feedback is positive and the guys continue to enjoy doing it then this podcast may evolve into a more general Camelot Unchained public podcast covering the latest news and developments as well as a focus on the server we roll on to cover the faction battles, inter-guild dramas, challenges and server-wide PvP events.

    This episode lasts about 50 minutes, and is called "Y U NO BETA CU?!?". You can either download or stream it directly from the link below. The topics covered include:

    - Introductions
    - A Brief History of Cyrus
    - Discussion Topic: Y U NO BETA CU?!?
    - The Recent Guild Meeting
    - The Upcoming DAoC Night
    - Club Cyrus game suggestions

    If you do give it a go, please don't forget to post below with your comments, constructive criticism, ideas for future content and discussion points and general encouragement. This is YOUR podcast and is something we can grow and develop into something that could provide a lot of entertainment for our members.

    So without further ado, here are the links to the first episode. For your convenience we are hosting it in two locations - SoundCloud and YouTube:

    SOUNDCLOUD (Stream and Direct Download):



    Thank you to Daemion, Hakugard and Raffles for your work on this, and I look forward to the next episode!
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    1. Axelbaxel

      Ohhh, it's out!

      First impressions response:

      The question at 37 minutes is also something I've been asking myself, which is part of the reason for my rank right now.

      For next podcast I want to suggest talking a bit about the classes and their mechanics (projectile healing and stuff like that)
      You could also add a readers letter where you answer or discuss a letter/e-mail/post about Cyrus or CU.

      My feedback about the podcast itself:
      Hakugard sounds a bit muffled. I don't know if you did a test recording before to see how everyone sounds.

      Finished listening surprisingly fast? I have to admit i skipped past the CU/MMO rambling
    2. Daemion

      I thought it was the Bulls HornS. But I like the singular. The tagline should be 'gets straight to the point'
    3. Raffles

      All opinions very welcome. We're looking to get a lot more guild involvement in future but for now it was more important just to release something. We're totally aware of some of the technical issues so hopefully these will be dealt with soon. Also, yes it's 50 mins long but please, stick it on in the background somewhere and have a listen. Let us know what works and what doesn't. Over time we should have it down!
    4. Dia

      I never actually listened to a podcast before (with the exception of some UFC Joe Rogan stuff) and I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was nicely done; Daemion is a very good host and sounds like he knows what he is doing.
      I agree that Haku needs to sort the mic out and sometimes he starts rambling. @Hakugard you need to try to use less words for what you are trying to say.
      I also think that @Raffles needs to talk a bit more but I am sure that will come.

      All in all, a job well done. Thanks, guys!
    5. Iselore

      I'll check it on my long drive home after work :)
    6. Iselore

      Ok so feedback

      @Daemion 10/10 man you were excellent, sound quality, choice of words and the way you carried the whole thing was very well received and professional.

      @Raffles Mic is great, would have been nice to have heard more from you but I appreciate you knew when to sit back and let Daemion go through the guilds history. You added the comedy value pretty well.

      @Hakugard Ok, so you were commenting on things with the opening "I never played this but...." or "I wasn't in the guild at the time but...." if this is the case then it would probably be best not to add anything as you're purely speculating. Microphone quality isn't nearly good enough for this. Rambling a touch but hopefully the more you do it the better it will flow.
    7. Hakugard

      I'm rather intrigued as to why everyone is complaining about mic quality. My mic is not bad. What is wrong with my audio Daemion, when i record on my machine it's fine seriously guys?


      Something is going very very badly wrong on the processing on this, that or something is badly wrong with my config for TS.
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    8. Karesk

      I enjoyed listening to it. :)

      It might be an idea to add timestamps for the start of each topic you discuss.
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    9. Raffles

      Your soundcloud audio is better than the podcast but its still not as clear as myselfs or daemions. We might need to muck about with filters etc. What mic are you using?

      EDIT: I was curious myself what could be causing the issue. I downloaded Audacity and created a soundcloud account. Did a test here for comparison...


      We'll have that in for next episode thanks Karesk.
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