[Guild News] The Cyrus Origin Story

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    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far... Fark this shit!

    This is not your typical Superhero origins story - there are no radioactive spiders, no tragically murdered parents, no experimental programs, no mutations, no billionaire inventors, and no mysterious cosmic rays. This is simply the true account of the meteoric rise of a great and fearless leader, and those who were fortunate enough to follow him.

    Cyrus mourns the loss of the two staples for a happy life: good MMOs, and good people to play them with...

    Leadership comes in many forms, and can be carried out in many ways. Leadership through fear, power, coercion, inspiration, enlightenment or admiration. Yet they all have one thing in common: Minions. Without those brainless little puppets, no leader would be elevated to those glorious heights on their own. So in some small, maybe insignificant way, each legendary victory earned by those magnificent leaders is also reflected upon the tiny followers who vacuously followed their command and were pawns in his noble victory.

    To the insignificants of Cyrus, I salute you!

    This video tells the origin story of Cyrus, and is the culmination of much effort, embarrassment, alcohol consumption, creativity, learning and perfecting. What started out as a cheesy idea for a script soon evolved into a gruelling quest to carefully source each image used, splice and edit them, and then enhance them with special effects and animations. We tried to bring each image alive to help tell our story.

    Re-abilitation, crunch mode, you got nothing on us! This video only took us about 6 months of solid work!

    Our 'voice actors' did an excellent job too, especially Raffles. Without his willingness to go full ham, none of this would have been possible. The entire concept hinged on him being able to pull off the gritty warrior and epic finale convincingly, and he did an unbelievable job. Iselore also managed to play the perfect counter to Raffles in his comedic turn, and we hope his blood-alcohol levels have returned to normal following his tortuous ordeal.

    Raffles at the weekend... And during the week. He is the most manly of us all!

    Special mention must also go to Nostrau, Dia and (honourary member) Spotlights who worked extremely hard on the visual side of things. We knew we couldn't animate the story itself, and if we just used game footage it would have been quite average and unconnected. What we did come up with though works very well to highlight the impact of the audio, and has turned out much better than we ever could have expected.

    There is no greater victory in gaming than a victory hard fought with friends. There is no satisfaction from an easy fight, and no glory from a cowering enemy. Cyrus is about hard work and discipline to achieve greatness, and there are no easy carries to success. The same can be said for the production of this video - it was a long, hard slog - but I hope everyone involved is satisfied with the outcome!

    Oh, you want the link to the actual video? OK then, if you insist - here it is!

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    1. Vikingstad

      Well worth the wait, just hope you really overshot the day Cyrus returns.
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    2. Circus

      Hats off to everyone involved!
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    3. Peedy

      holy crap! that was amazing! mad skills on the video making im so impressed!:D:D
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    4. Daemion

      If CU has the same return on the hype like this video, I'm looking forward to it.

      Well fucking done to all parties involved.
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    5. Dia

      It does make you feel hyped for CU.

      Michelle from CU also helped out by sending me a high res version of the hounds image.
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    6. Vincent

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    7. Raffles

      Epic! Well worth the sore throat!

      Massive thanks to all involved, especially the video editors, it was a proper fab watch :)
    8. Dia

      I am surprised you could watch it all the way through, @Raffles. I cringe every time I hear my own voice. And imagine, I probably went through it a hundred times. Ugh.
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    9. Raffles

      It's weird, I thought I'd freak too but I just enjoyed it too much. Something the guild can be rightfully proud of. Almost makes me want to buy a pc and start levelling something!
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    10. Arnfast

      Made me feel sentimental...oh wait, nope. No it didn't.
      Just kidding, awesome video guys, good job all involved!
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    11. Vidda

      Holy shit thats awesome! you did a realy good job making this @Dia !! who would ever tought YOU where good at something :rolleyes::D i kiid i kiid ;)
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    12. Redh

      I'm really happy that this project got to see the light of day - there were plenty of times when I never thought it would be completed. I'm even happier at how it turned out, and that it has been so well received. Thanks to those who were prepared to put themselves through the embarrassment of voice acting, and also to those who put in a huge number of hours creating a video that we can all be proud of. This is a real team effort, and we could not have done it without everyone who was involved!

      Obviously we are not in the position we want to be in as a gaming guild right now, but there is something about Cyrus that will never die. And this video captures that spirit perfectly. We may be down, but we are not out!

      There are a handful of games coming out in the "future" that look interesting, and the MMO scene has desperately needed some fresh blood for a long time now. Of course Camelot Unchained is our biggest hope, and the development is looking very promising, but it doesn't hurt us that there are more options out there. I hope everyone is resting up, recharging, and will come back strong and ready for action when the time comes.

      Long live Cyrus, and all those who sail with her!
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    13. Dia

      Gee...Thanks, Vidda. I think. :p
      It wasn't just me though; Redh and Nostrau too. It was definitely a team effort. :p

      My God, it was a roller-coaster this project. You went from excited to annoyed 10 times a day. :D

      I am sure, we are all keeping our eyes for the next game we will play together.

      So, what's next? I need a new project! I think we need to all get together and write another script. :p
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    14. Caellin

      Awesome job everyone, especially on the voice acting and editing. One of the few times in a video that didn't feel like people just reading their lines :)
    15. Raffles

      I made a promise once and fully intend to honour it. Watch this space....
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    16. Redh

      **Sets alarm for 2026** :p
    17. Arcvile

      Yay I made the top 150, shame you cocks spelt my name wrong :D
    18. Redh

      Ha! Sorry, we must have been talking about a different Arcvile! :p

      (Don't blame us if you can't spell your own name correctly!)

      (Ok, sorry!)
    19. Uzumi

      Cant believe i made it into the top 150, amazing video and lots of great memories came back while watching this video, great job.

      Will i be seeing anyone of you in Ashes of Creation?