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    The Arthurian are a noble, righteous and stubborn faction who aim to wear down their opponents through attrition. They can last a long time in battle, and their strategy would be to survive the initial burst damage of the Viking and Tuatha De Danann factions, and then as the battle rages on gain power and the upper hand to grind out a victory. They are the most defensive of the three realms and offer the most traditional classes.

    The Viking are a crazy bunch who want to get stuck in and fight to the death. They have great burst damage and are good at closing in on their opponents to launch an attack. They are the most direct-attacking of the three realms, and are the most likely to rush in and pick a fight before allowing too much time to think.

    The Tuatha De Danann are not your typical tree-hugging elf types. They are a messed up cult-type faction who thrive on death and decay, even gaining bonuses when surrounded by corpses. They are the strongest skirmish faction, performing best over a moving battlefield and able to hit-and-run to mess with their enemy. While the Arthurian and Viking factions may very well have to commit more to the battle once engaged, the TDD can more easily perform tactical retreats and disengage - this will suit them if they do indeed end up being the least populated faction choice.

    With all that said, we shouldn't think of these differences so much as strengths or weaknesses - everything will eventually get balanced out as much as possible, and as usual the balance of power will constantly switch between classes and factions as these adjustments are made. However it does give us some indication of how the classes will be designed, and a backdrop upon which to start considering our choice of faction.


    This is the first of 3 articles outlining the factions in Camelot Unchained. Today we focus on the Arthurians and their motivations, races, play style and classes.



    Have you ever met anyone who, no matter what, always believed they were right and everyone around them was completely wrong? (Hmm, this sounds strangely familiar, but I can't quite place it..!). Well scale this up a few hundred times and that is what the Arthurian faction believes. They alone are the saviour of the world, and they will spread their righteousness throughout the lands one continent at a time. How very British!

    So long as you show integrity, honour and devotion, and you agree with the Arthurian way of thinking, they are a pretty welcoming bunch. They don't care about your background or class - so long as you buy into their shared vision you will be welcomed to join them on their march to salvation and rebuilding of their once great kingdom.

    Now I have to say, this strikes a chord with me as a Cyrus member! We too place more value in the quality and commitment of the person than the achievements or ability of the character, and we are very welcoming of anyone who wishes to put the time and effort in. You can shape a rough diamond, but you can't polish a turd!

    Traits: Nobility, honesty, and righteous strength


    The Arthurians are a very strategic realm who make planned and organised attacks rather than just blindly rush into a fight. They will take the time to properly scout out their opposition without being detected, and then organise their fighters and abilities to give themselves the greatest advantage based on their opponents.

    The Arthurian Shapeshifters and Spirit Mages perform at their best when they have pre-selected their transformation or spirit respectively. This offers greater flexibility and specialisation, but may also leave the group vulnerable to changing circumstances. To be optimal, slow and steady is definitely the order of the day here, rather than rushing from one battle to another.

    Arthurian DPS classes, such as the Shapeshifter and the Mage, tend to start an encounter with moderate damage which ramps up the longer a fight lasts. The Mage in particular can reach very high damage output in the right circumstances. Their ranged classes (the Mages and Archers) are more vulnerable when in closer range to the enemy and require additional protection from their allies. However when left alone at long range they are probably the strongest.

    Battle placement and positioning is extremely important with Arthurian groups, and each player should know where they are in relation not only to the enemy but also their group members. Co-ordination is key. The Minstrel and the Abbots group buffs are more powerful when more group members are nearby, and the Minstrels enemy debuffs scale up the more enemies that are in range.



    Cait Sith - The Veilstorms changed felines forever. Lithe but powerful, the Cait Sith are fiercely unforgiving in their defence of themselves or their kin when threatened.

    Gargoyles - They were the guardians of the eternal, the watchers on the walls. Now the Gargoyles have come to life to seek something they cannot name, a harmony of the world that none can yet express.

    Humans - Through luck, or perhaps something more, a few Humans managed to escape Veilstorm influence entirely. They did not change into something else, and were untouched by the Veil's wrath, as though chosen for a special purpose.

    Stormriders - Famous for their fearlessness in the face of a raging Veilstorm, the Stormriders are warriors with a purpose, unstoppable in Arthur's service. With a culture of duty and honour, the Stormriders see the world in black and white terms: there is devotion to Arthur and his vision of rebuilding Camelot, and then there is everything else.

    St'rm - The scaly St'rm are one of the most enigmatic races in all the Realms. Their origins are clouded in rumour and mystery, and the St'rm are only too happy to keep it that way.

    Golems - Giants of clay and fire, the Golems are known as the Kiln-Born. They are mighty builders, and can transform their bodies into defences for the Realm.




    The Specter is a slipper character, avoiding combat whenever possible by going undetected. It can transition between its own character view or that of a spectral body which it uses for scouting. While the player remains in spectral mode the main character loses blood, determined by the distance between the two.

    Role: Scouting, some group utility such as fear and enemy debuffs
    Range: Melee, Hardest to see at night time


    The Black Knight is the only Heavy Fighter with passive damage mitigation and regeneration. This is the most straightforward and traditional Heavy Fighter, acting as a front line tank with good disruption and moderate damage abilities. The Black Knight excels at closing distances due to its passive mitigation, and is made for leading the charge while protecting allies directly behind him.

    Role: Group protection, physical DPS
    Range: Melee


    The Veilstalker will typically prepare for a fight within the Veil. Whilst there, the Veilstalker generates "Arcane Charges" - resources for abilities. Once the Veilstalker leaves the Veil, the charges will begin to drain, so he will want to initiate his attack as soon as possible. The Veilstalker is best when focusing on one opponent at a time.

    Role: Single target physical DPS, disruptions / interrupts. Strong against Magical and ranged classes
    Range: Melee


    The Enchanted Knight has several transformations to choose from, and will try to make this strategic choice before the battle starts and stick with it throughout. The longer the Enchanted Knight remains in battle in the current transformation, the more his power escalates allowing him to become stronger over time. This increased power is lost if the Enchanted Knight transforms again, so there is a heavy penalty for switching mid battle.

    Role: Various DPS types depending on transformation, some CC utility and enemy debuffs
    Range: Melee


    The Dread Caller unleashes the souls of dead criminals offering them one final chance at salvation. The Dread Caller summons one soul at a time which the player has direct view and control over, fighting next to the main character. If your summoned soul is killed, you are left significantly weaker until you summon a replacement, and the stronger summons have longer preparation times. Therefore the Dread Caller is not good at switching souls / styles mid-battle.

    Each soul has its own characteristics, so could be the soul of a mage, a heavy fighter, etc. This makes soul selection an important strategic choice according to the enemy you are fighting and the allies within your group.

    Role: Flexible DPS type based on which soul is called: could be a mage, a heavy fighter, etc
    Range: Melee


    The Minstrel plays music and song on the battlefield to provide buffs to nearby allies. These songs act as auras which lose effectiveness over time, and must be constantly reset and switched. Minstrel songs which debuff enemies increase in power the more enemies are in range, so the Minstrel will operate well near the front lines, requiring strategic positioning to maximise usefulness both for allies and against enemies.

    Speed buffs break on damage and cannot be reapplied immediately.

    Role: Provide combat and speed buffs to allies, debuffs to enemies. Strong against large groups
    Range: Player based areas of effect, mid range, front lines


    The beer-drinking Abbot excels at close quarters healing and combat, and his abilities become more powerful the more group members are within range. This makes strategic positioning and awareness very important. The Abbot can buff group members magic damage and also reduce ability and recovery times.

    Role: Flexible, can switch between healing or DPS. Strong against ranged classes
    Range: Melee - mid range


    The Physician is an alchemist who throws potions (projectile-based resources) that effect their target. These potions mainly heal and cure wounds, and they do not focus on buffing or debuffing targets. The Physician has more direct control over their healing than the Viking healer.

    Role: Pure healer focusing on health and wound regeneration
    Range: Mid range, between front line and ranged DPS


    The Flame Warden is a very focused class dealing increasingly high amounts of fire damage. Ability power starts out fairly moderate, but escalates during a battle until their damage output is extremely high. They also lose health as they use strong abilities, requiring healers to keep them topped up. The Flame Warden prefers to remain in a fixed location and is not a very mobile class.

    Role: Magic DPS, strong against heavy armour
    Range: Distance


    The Blackguard is an out and out ranged Archer class which uses the most powerful bows in the game giving excellent range. Less diverse than the other Archers, and with fewer non-range abilities, the Blackguard will be weaker at closer range and require protection when caught. However left alone, the Blackguard has deadly power and accuracy.

    Role: Physical DPS, strong against cloth / leather armour
    Range: Distance


    Disclaimer: This article attempts to outline the main differences in play style between the three factions of Camelot unchained - the Arthurian, Viking and Tuatha De Danann realms. The information contained herein is based on many sources of information released to us by the developers, but as yet there has been no definitive resource to explain these differences. As such, this is just one interpretation of that information, and may of course be subject not only to change, but to complete misrepresentations!
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    1. Karesk

      This is a great write-up.
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    2. Iselore

      I'm still firmly in the Arthurian camp.
    3. Kassi

      mmmmmm minstrel. I miss mine, I won't even lie. She was fun in RvR, songweaving, though I am sad at the lack of stealth, it wasn't ever GREAT but we could sneak if we needed to, just had to be careful not to get detected, which playing a lute isn't easy to do.. Looks like, they've changed them in some ways to make them more useful in pure RvR vs PvE/RvR
    4. Daemion

      Dat Physician tho.
    5. Stroop

      I agree. I usually play healers - the physician seems like the most unimaginative and boring of all the classes imo. At least they have the Abbott though, which conversely might be my favourite potential class atm. I wouldn't want to be stuck with a plinth of a toon just because of realm choice o_O

      *Thanks for all the effort going into these guides. Very helpful even if the info changes at a later stage.
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    6. Karesk

      I'm not a fan of the Arthurians.

      Their aesthetic doesn't appeal to me. They don't come across as uncompromising zealots but more like 'the good guys' with an egalitarian philosophy that is disgustingly utopian for a pseudo-medieval setting. Even the Dread Caller is more like a probation officer than a real necromancer.

      I'm sceptical about wanting to play an Arthurian class because of the developers' own words about how their classes are generally narrowly focused, very straight-forward and are almost described as simplistic. My fear is that they will be boring to play or otherwise mechanically uninteresting. The Physician is a notable exception but I wasn't sold on its description. It sounded like it was designed to be complicated rather than complex, with its difficulty contrived through a convoluted resource management system. Maybe the Beta will clear that up and prove me wrong.

      As you say, the Arthurians are described as aiming to win through through attrition, over the course of a long and protracted engagement. I guess that the Arthurian is like a boxer trying to wear down his opponent's stamina whilst conserving his own, until they can't fight anymore. Personally, I'd rather play a Realm that is great at initiating a fight and taking advantage of that initial momentum because I think this gives a far better opportunity for an organised and skilled group to truly shine. By the logic of this design philosophy, the Arthurians won't be given the tools to be truly devastating.
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    7. Iselore

      I suppose it comes down to exactly what Cyrus want to be within the game. An organised, highly tactic focused power or more fragmented into independent groups working under a central leadership.

      While the Arthurians have the Black Guard, the class I'd like to play the most ("like" being the operative word) the idea of being broken into smaller attack focused skirmish groups appeals to me more and the Blackguard doesn't suit this at all.

      The Arthurian ethos as described by Karesk above seems pretty stale to me... waiting and preparing for attacks or actively launching them. I know which I'd rather be involved in...
    8. Stroop

      I agree with Karesk and Iselore about the Arthurians. At this stage, without more concrete details I still find the TDD way more interesting lore-wise, ethos-wise and class-wise than the other two realms. I am also worried that everyone and their mothers will pick Viking and being in the largest, most popular faction never really appealed to me.

      Having said this, I would of course be happy to support the guild with our final decision. Even though I am dissing the Arthurians and Vikings, they still both have interesting and viable options both individually and collectively. I like all three devout archetypes and will have either the Abbot, Helbound or Blessed Crow as my first toon. Having the option to heal or dps is a winner imo.
    9. Dia

      Reading the official forums, you get the impression that most will go Arthurian. There are some TDD fans there too but I haven't seen many Viking supporters.
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    10. Iselore

      If we go TDD I'll die of a broken heart.
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    11. Dia

      There there...
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    12. Stroop

      :) TBH I will be happy when the guild realm decision is made just so the choices for classes can be narrowed down and we can get all nerd-tastic with our predictions and analysis of tactics and synergieso_O
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    13. Iselore

      This guy gets it. I already have my spreadsheets at the ready.
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    14. Karesk

      I'd be shocked if that was still true come release. Vikings seem to be very 'cool' at the moment and everyone coming into the game should already have an intrinsic understanding of the faction from the name alone. Popular culture in the last few years seems to have been inundated with the horned helmets...a TV series calling Vikings, their portrayal in that recent BBC America TV series that wanted to be Game of Thrones, Skyrim and presumably ESO, a few other console games and even the pseudo-Viking mythology in Thor just reinforce the results of our initial forum poll.

      The Arthurians are also easily identifiable as a concept but I don't think they have the same sort of appeal. The TDD seem to have a clear disadvantage because they're a bit misleading at first glance; for example, the 'Druid' uses Cthulhu magic rather than being a glorified gardener.

      Why is that? Why do you dislike the TDD?
    15. Iselore



      Look at their happy little fucking faces...

      But in all seriousness, I have my heart set on being a ranged dps and the TDD variant doesn't really appeal to me. It's purely a selfish reason so I'll get over it (eventually)
    16. Dia

      I happen to find the TDD the darkest of them all. Sure, they have these races but...looking at the classes, they are all weird/vampiric/death-thriving-leeches...Creepy.
    17. Karesk

      At least the TDD don't have cat-people and the barbed penis fanfiction that inevitably comes with it.
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    18. Iselore

      Karesk, look at the Leprechaun feet. Those feet are made for one thing and one thing only...
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