[Camelot Unchained] Cyrus Faction Choice - it's V for Victory!

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    Who are you rooting for? At this range, there's only one winner...

    Choices matter. And as a guild, one of the most important choices we've had to make so far regarding Camelot Unchained is which faction to represent. We wanted to make this decision sooner rather than later so that members wont form allegiances to a particular faction only to be disappointed if we choose a different one. This way, the choice is made early enough that it will become part of our Camelot Unchained DNA.

    There were many factors to take into consideration when choosing our faction, including play styles, class differences, and faction popularity. And we didn't take this decision lightly - we did our research. We watched all of the Class Reveal live streams, scoured the official forums for developer posts, and produced a Class Breakdown for each class. These can be found here:

    - Archers
    - Devout
    - Healers
    - Heavy Fighters
    - Mages
    - Scouts
    - Shapeshifters
    - Spirit Mages
    - Stealthers
    - Support

    We then took all this class information and tried to piece together how each factions classes could combine, what might be their strengths and weaknesses, and what their overall play style might be. We produced these as Faction Breakdowns available here:

    - Arthurians
    - Vikings
    - Tuatha De Danann

    Once we had all the information we could possibly gather, we scheduled a guild meeting and laid it all out. Everyone got to put forward their case for whichever faction they favoured, and it wasn't any surprise that people already had their favourites and contributed to a thorough and positive discussion. This just goes to show that had we delayed the decision much longer, it would have been harder and harder to make a choice that everyone could get behind.

    Now long time members will be quick to tell you that Cyrus has never been run by a democratic vote. While we are happy to receive input on any important decisions, we do not feel that a) leadership is about following the majority, or b) the majority always gets it right. That is not to say that any other members opinion is less valid or accurate than ours, it's just that we have to be able to fully commit to, and believe in, the direction we are taking the guild. So after we have listened to other members viewpoints, we will make a final decision for the guild. Sometimes that decision is in line with what many people want, and sometimes it is against what many people want - we are equally comfortable either way so long as it's a decision we feel is best for the guild as a whole.

    So without further ado, I am happy to be able to announce our faction choice for Camelot Unchained, and I hope this is a decision that everyone can get behind. Cyrus will be representing the Viking faction!

    Cyrus will be fighting on the side of the Vikings in Camelot Unchained!

    The Vikings match our willingness to become the aggressors in PvP, and to form tight, organised groups who combine well together to overwhelm our enemy with devastating effect. We like the option of having better mobility in battle, and using this to our advantage against the Arthurian by breaking their front lines and pressuring their more defined back line light armour wearers. We want to shift the battlefield and force our choices and will upon whomever we fight. And we want to be fully committed when we engage an enemy, not thinking about running away like the Tuatha De Danann!

    Cyrus has always identified with Viking-like symbolism, our guild logo being the "Raging Bull of Terror" since our days in Warhammer Online. Viking feels like our natural home!

    With our faction choice now made, we can think about opening recruitment and putting Cyrus back on the path to greatness. There is still a long way to go, but we want to make sure we find the right people to join us and re-establish a strong and dedicated core that will help get us off to the best start we've ever had in an MMO. With so much time before launch we have a great opportunity to prepare well and hit the ground running. This is a luxury we have not had before, and we intend to make the most of it!

    Seasons greetings to all our members, and let's hope Santa brings us something great to play in 2016!

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    1. Dia

      Wooo! Great choice and I am really looking forward to playing that Viking Lady!
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    2. Caellin

      I always get what I want.
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    3. Iselore

      Shame my class isn't available at launch.... :l
    4. Raffles

      Happy with this I think. Hopefully the playstyle wlll suit us and bring success. Now for the class decision.
    5. Dia

      I know, I would have liked to try them as well. I thought you were going to Archer anyway.
    6. Stroop

      Which Viking classes will be available at launch ?
    7. Iselore

      Arthurian: Archer/Bard
      Viking: Spirit Mage/Archer
      TDD: Spirit Mage / Nothing else.
    8. Iselore

      All according to the keikaku.
    9. Dia

      All of them except the Spirit Mages, Shapeshifters, Scouts and possibly Stealthers but they are hoping those will be in.
    10. Gargnda

      OMG, I don't know what this is .. But I am in !
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    11. Redh

      Hey, welcome back! Long way to go before launch, but check out the details in our other forums and stick around. Can't wait to catch up with you :D
    12. Stroop

      Ok, I'll start the ball rolling, input welcome :) My three initial class/race picks are:

      Viking - Helbound
      Jötnar - Waveweaver
      Viking - Winter's Shadow

      Being able to switch between heals and dps is a great plus of the Helbound. Also, it seems like they will have capable melee attacks too - I hoping that this will be a useful and versatile class rather than a weaker class that can do everything but not so well.

      I like the sound of the Waveweaver's control potential as well as (hopefully) good, bursty dps. Also, it seems to be more of an "in your face mage" than the others, which appeals to me too.

      And I hate to admit it but the inner ganker in me is always looking for a monster opening attack, so the Viking archer class with it's ranged attack from behind/stealth looks awesome too.
    13. Zerkz

      My body is ready.
    14. Dia

      Wrong forums for that, Zerks! ;)
    15. Kassi

      Wait, there's a forum for that here? :D
    16. Nexeq

      I would like to take part in that forum I guess o_O
    17. Dia

      Down, kids! :p
    18. Redh

      Hey guys, nice to see you both! Gotta love the old Cyrus, putting their bodies on the line for the cause! Camelot Unchained looks awesome - long way to go, so sort your lives / jobs / girlfriends / wives out and clear a schedule for next year, we'll be needing you! :D
    19. Nexeq

      Will do my part to sort wife, kids and job so everything is set and good to go when Camelot Unchained hits.
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